Optimizing deliveries. Saving money.

Optimizing deliveries. Saving money.

Optimizing deliveries. Saving money.


The latest innovation from Wise Telemetry 

The newest release in the Elite Series product line, the Elite 2.0 is full of advanced engineering and new capabilities to help you optimize your operations. 

Supporting multiple types of cellular communications, domestic and international carrier coverage, GPS, and the most versatile set of supported sensors on the market, the Elite 2.0 truly takes tank monitoring to the next level.

Start your journey with the Elite 2.0 today.

Monitoring as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Hardware

Couple one of Wise Telemetry’s rugged remote monitors with the perfect set of sensors for your application.

2. Software

View and analyze the data from your devices anytime, anywhere with our sophisticated monitoring software.

3. Integrations

Connect your data to industry leading accounting, marketing, inventory, and route planning platforms.

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