From the electronics in your phone to the beverages you drink, compressed gas impacts our lives every day.  Wise Telemetry supports these diverse industries.


For many COPD patients, compressed oxygen is their lifeline to the outside world.  With Wise Telemetry technology and a reliable supply of compressed oxygen cylinders, these patients are able to enjoy trips farther from home.


Whether it is nitrogen in the paper manufacturing process or hydrogen in the refinement of metals, Wise Telemetry can help manufacturers get the gas deliveries they need to keep their production lines running.


Some of the world’s most advanced research, particularly in the biomedical fields, requires compressed gas.  Wise Telemetry helps to supply the nitrogen and carbon dioxide used to sustain cell cultures.


Wise Telemetry streamlines the supply chain of propane used for heating and fuel.  It can also assist in remote locations where calibration gas is used to ensure worker safety in coal mines and on oil rigs.


Compressed gases like argon play an important role in the assembly of electronics.  Their inert properties shield the electronic components during fabrication.  Wise Telemetry can deliver the precision this industry demands.


Compressed oxygen is used in the welding and cutting industries as fuel while carbon dioxide is also used for shielding.  Wise Telemetry ensures the prompt deliveries necessary to keep projects on schedule.


Some of our favorite drinks would be very different without compressed gas.  Compressed carbon dioxide gives your soda that crisp, refreshing taste while nitrogen is used in the production of some beers.  Wise Telemetry contributes to our favorite drinks tasting just like we expect.


Gas plays an important role in the construction of our infrastructure.  Gases like argon and krypton are used in between window panes for increased energy efficiency while oxygen is important in the production of steel.  Wise Telemetry can enhance efficiency in this diverse industry.