Liquid Cylinder and Beverage CO2 Telemetry

What You Will Need:

Wise Telemetry Communications Box

Communications Box

Wise Telemetry Capacitance Probe

Rotarex C-Stic

The Elite series for liquid cylinders/beverage CO2 allows gas distributors to see real time supply and demand data at each of their liquid cylinders/beverage CO2 customer’s sites.  This data allows gas distributors to make fewer delivery trips, improve delivery route planning, and predict future demand.

The device monitors and transmits the liquid cylinder/beverage CO2 usage and fill level.  This information is sent to Wise Telemetry’s web dashboard for storage and processing with the resulting information used to determine optimal, customized routes and schedules daily.

Which gases can be used with this system?

The Elite series for liquid cylinders/beverage CO2 can be used with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium, and oxygen.  Certain specialty gases can also be used.

Will this system attach to my current liquid cylinders/dewars?

Yes.  The Elite series for liquid cylinders/beverage CO2 is compatible with most existing assets.  The default attachment for the system is either a 3/4”-16 UNF or 7/8”-14 UNF thread that is screwed directly into the top of the liquid cylinder/dewar.

Do I need a Wise Telemetry device for every liquid cylinder/dewar in my fleet?

You would need a Rotarex C-Stic in every liquid cylinder/dewar that you would like to monitor, but you would only need one communication box.  Each communication box can accept up to four Rotarex C-Stic inputs, and the input cables can be detached from the C-Stics.  For example, if you had a customer site with 3 liquid cylinders that are regularly replaced, you would need 3 C-Stics but only one communication box.

Does this system require multiple pieces of hardware?

The system requires at least one communication box and one Rotarex C-Stic.  These two parts come coupled together, but can be detached.

How does the device communicate data?

Our devices can communicate via 4G LTE-M connections.

How do I access my data?

Data from Wise Telemetry devices can be accessed online via our secure web portal.  Alternatively, Wise Telemetry software can interact with APIs for ERP, asset tracking, and route planning systems.