Easily monitor assets from your computer or smartphone.

Wise Telemetry’s simple yet powerful online dashboard is your key to better understanding your assets.  Whether you are doing a detailed analysis or a quick scan, you will be able to see which customers need deliveries and which can wait.

Key benefits:

  • View entire fleet at a glance with color coded tables
  • Study historical trends in easy to use graphical views
  • Filter and sort by customer, gas type, route, and more
  • See projected days until empty
  • Export data as Excel files for additional analysis
  • Record delivery times and notes for individual customers


The Wise Telemetry dashboard also has a detailed map view that allows you to geographically view your fleet.  Each asset is assigned a pin that is color coded according to that asset’s current state.  This map can also be sorted based on a variety of factors such as gas type, route, and asset type.

The dashboard supports a full complement of alerts for making sure you never miss a beat.  Alerts can be sent either as soon as they are triggered or in one daily batch email.  Alert types include:

  • Low level
  • Critical level
  • Abnormal usage

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Do I need to download special software to view my readings?

No, the Wise Telemetry dashboard can be accessed from any computer browser with an internet connection.

Do I need Microsoft Silverlight to access the Wise Telemetry dashboard?


What internet browsers are supported?

The Wise Telemetry dashboard is supported on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Can my customers view their individual tanks or assets?

Yes, you can give customers the ability to view their specific tanks or assets.  There is also the option to send them alerts and notifications when their tank needs to be refilled.

Is there a limit to the number of employee accounts I can setup?


Do you offer free training to become familiar with all the dashboard has to offer?

Absolutely!  We are happy to assist both new and existing customers with overviews of the dashboard’s many powerful features.