Manifold Telemetry

What You Will Need:

Wise Telemetry Communications Box

Communications Box

Wise Telemetry Single Pressure Transducer

Single Pressure Transducer

Wise Telemetry Single Pressure Transducer

Second Single Pressure Transducer (Optional)

The Elite series for manifolds allows gas distributors to see real time supply and demand data at each of their manifold customer’s sites.  This data allows gas distributors to support the same number of cylinders in the field while making fewer delivery trips.  It also improves delivery route planning, usage tracking, and future demand prediction.

The device continuously monitors and transmits information about the active cylinder bank’s usage and fill level, and an alert is recorded when the manifold switches between cylinder banks.  This alert is sent to Wise Telemetry’s web dashboard for storage and processing with the resulting information used to determine optimal, customized routes and schedules daily.

Which gases can be used with this system?

The Elite series for manifolds can be used with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium, and oxygen.  Certain specialty gases can also be used.

Will this system attach to my current manifolds and regulators?

Yes.  The Elite series for manifolds is compatible with existing manifolds and regulators.  The default attachment for the system is a ¼ NPT thread, however additional attachments and adapters are available to meet your specific needs.

Does this system require multiple pieces of hardware?

No.  The device is one piece and attaches directly to your manifold or regulator.

How does the device communicate data?

Our devices can communicate via 4G LTE-M connections.

How do I access my data?

Data from Wise Telemetry devices can be accessed online via our secure web portal.  Alternatively, Wise Telemetry software can interact with APIs for ERP, asset tracking, and route planning systems.