Cylinder Telemetry

The Wise Telemetry cylinder system allows gas distributors to see real time supply and demand data at each of their cylinder customer’s sites.  This data allows gas distributors to support the same number of cylinders in the field while making fewer delivery trips.  It also improves delivery route planning, usage tracking, and future demand prediction.

Once our patented device is attached to a standard gas regulator, the user simply activates it, and the device automatically determines the cylinder’s size, fill level, and usage rate without any user input or special programming.  No other device can do this.  This automatic calculation enables remote monitoring on a mass scale without burdening the end user.  The ability to determine all of these conditions automatically is one of Wise Telemetry’s greatest advantages.

Once the device has determined the base information about a cylinder, it can continuously monitor and transmit information about the cylinder’s usage and fill level.  This information is sent to a cloud server for storage and processing with the resulting information used to determine optimal, customized routes and schedules daily.

How Does It Work?


Which gases can be used with this system?

The Wise Telemetry cylinder system can be used with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium, many specialty gases, and will soon be available for oxygen and nitrous oxide. We simply require that you inform us about what gas is being used so that we can issue the right products.

Will this system attach to my current regulators and cylinders?

Yes.  The Wise Telemetry cylinder system is compatible with existing regulators and cylinders.  The default attachment for the system is a ¼ NPT thread, however additional attachments and adapters are available to meet your specific needs.

Do I need a Wise Telemetry device for every cylinder in my fleet?

No.  You only need one Wise Telemetry device per regulator at an end user’s site.  For example, if the end user has 5 cylinders at their site but only one regulator, then only one Wise Telemetry device is needed.  The system can keep track of the site’s other 4 cylinders via usage monitoring analytics.  This ability allows for cylinder telemetry without the prohibitive cost of one device per cylinder.

Does this system require multiple pieces of hardware?

No.  The device is one piece and attaches directly to your existing gas regulator.

How does the device communicate data?

Our devices can communicate via Wi-Fi or cellular connections.

How do I access my data?

Data from Wise Telemetry devices can be accessed online via our secure web portal.  Alternatively, the Wise Telemetry system can interact with APIs of asset management and purchasing systems.